About Brand Equity

The Smart Artificial Intelligence Marketing Tool

Brand Monitoring and Community
Management System

About Brand Equity

BrandEquity realizes that modern-day marketing is evolving rapidly. With increased marketing exposure and the ability of consumers to voice their opinion on social media, there is too much noise that needs to be filtered on both ends.

This is where BrandEquity comes in – a bridge between marketers and consumers.
The smart artificial intelligence marketing tool
Customer Profiling

Our Objective

is to help companies to channel through the right kind of audience conversation and help them build meaningful connections with them on social media platforms. 

BrandEquity as an

of young and entrepreneurial people focus to stay relevant for our client-base by providing them the most up-to-date solutions for their Social Media Monitoring needs. Equipped with an in-house team of software developers, our solution is an end-to-end internal value chain production which gives us the ability to evolve as per our customer requirements.

Our team

packs veterans from companies like Microsoft HQ, Salesforce HQ, VMware and Oracle along with eager apprentices from top I.T. and Business Schools; all coming together to work towards the mission of adding value to the marriage of marketing and software development.

The smart artificial intelligence marketing tool