Customer Profiling

Managing customer profiles of various social platforms

Manage customer profiles across multiple social media platforms Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn of your customer success, by providing a better customer experience through our customer profiling feature.

Manage Social Media Customer Profiles With Customer Profiling Feature

Enhance your social media management with customer profile feature that enables you to manage profiles by tracking customer interactions of your customers across multiple social media platforms. Optimize the social strategy of your brand across multiple social media platforms through a single user-friendly dashboard.

customer profiling
customer sentiment

1. Identify Individual Customer Sentiment Data of your Brand

You can identify the customer qualitative intent on your brand with the customer profiles feature of our system. Simply monitor your brand with customer sentiment analysis and monitor the individual customer profiles across all social media platforms to provide better social customer care from a single dashboard.

2. Social Media Interaction History Through Customer Profiling

Deep dive into the conversations with your social media customer and get the data-driven insights of your customer interaction history through the customer profile feature that will enhance the overall impact of your brand on your customer. Also, it provides a better customer experience to your online customers through online brand monitors.

customer profiling

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Social Profiles – Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Linkedin
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Customer profiling
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Gear up your Social Customer care through Social Media
Customer Profiling Feature of Brand Equity

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