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Keep up with current trends and track performance based on sentiment analysis,
and other key factors of monitoring brand analysis on a single dashboard, with our brand monitoring software.

Monitoring Social Media Brand Health

When it comes to maintaining long-term social media brand performance, monitoring social health is considered essential. You can monitor brands online and examine current events by creating customized streams on trending topics linked to your social brand and social profile. has all the capabilities you’ll need to track and measure your brand’s social health. All operations, including Social media analysis of your brand, Intent analysis, Automated monitoring, Automated competition monitoring, and search enabled monitoring, can be easily managed and monitored by our brand monitoring services. Paned on a functional and user-friendly dashboard.

Brand Monitoring
sentiment analysis

1. Sentiment Analysis of Your Brand using Artificial Intelligence

With, you may know positive, negative, and neutral mentions and comments about your social brand. provides you with a downright Sentiment Analysis feature that tells you how your customers perceive the quality of your brand monitoring services. Brand Sentiment analysis can also filter down the social sentiment individually and determine what problems your social customer is facing or what things they are appreciative of by analyzing the social media statistics provided. You may boost your reputation by using the Sentiment Analysis function to detect and address negative comments, staying updated with customer viewpoints regarding the product, and providing them with appropriate answers accordingly, all of which can enhance customer satisfaction.

2. Intent Analysis based on Social Media Management

Intent Analysis is one of the amazing features to monitor your brand provided by that determines the audience insights and customer requirements. It uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the sensitivity of comment, whether a text or comment is a desire, a wish, or a question. Brand Equity provides you with Customised Intent Analysis, using the intent-to-treat analysis method so that you can always keep track of the desired intent of the customers. This method involves calculating the social media statistics and social media usage statistics to analyze the prognostic results.

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social listening

3. Brand Monitoring Automated Competition through Social Listening

With the automated monitoring feature of branding monitoring, you can keep track of your social brand. Brand Equity enables automated social media monitoring with social listening that helps you to access customer insights about your brand and automated competition monitoring through brand analysis. You may use Social Listening to safeguard your brand’s reputation, boost client satisfaction, and reach new customers. You can also use brand tracking tools to track consumer insights later on.

4. Monitor Brand with Search Enabled Panel

Brand Equity Offers Search Enabled Panel that can discover the hidden data, keywords, customer insights, and deep customer analytics. It allows you to search through every feature with ease, such as social listening, social media analytics tool, customer sentiment analysis tools, etc. This system saves you a lot of inconvenience and time. With direct searching, you will receive an organized result as a consequence of your search, which will guide you in making informed judgments about social media metrics, brand analysis, sentiment analysis, social media data analysis, and much more.
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Stay Up-to-date about industry trends, Sentiment Analysis,
Audience Intent, and competitor's activities with Automated competition monitoring
and social media monitoring through Brand Equity social listening feature

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