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Analyze Social Media Brand With
Social Media Analytics

Analyze your social media performance metrics across multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, with Brand Equity’s Deep root analytics feature. Create custom reports of your social brand with the help of deep customer analytics and real-time campaigns.

Analyze your Social Media Platforms With Deep Analytics

With’s deep analytics feature, you can get 360-degree insight into your business. You can integrate scattered data for a consolidated organic paid social analysis and optimization on a single dashboard using deep analytics. It also enables you to identify and track campaign performance with real-time campaigns.soc

social media analytics
deep analytics

1. Create Social Strategy With Customer Insights Feature For Better ROI

The customer insight feature provides customer sentiment data based on social media metrics in various forms, such as customer sentiment, customer success, and customer qualitative intent. With Brand Equity’s consumer insight function, you can optimize your brand and establish a social strategy based on actionable insights, which can be calculated by the social media insights tool.

2. Improve Customer Care With Real-Time Analytics Feature

Deep dive into real-time marketing campaigns, with real-time data insights across social profiles and social brands. Enhance customer care of your social brand by responding and resolving queries of your customer with real-time messaging based on social media data from a single dashboard with deep root analytics of Brand Equity’s social AI tool.
social media analytics
social media campaign

3. Monitor Your Social Media Campaign Effectively

Compare your brand with other competitive brands and build a social media strategy after analyzing your brand insights with the deep analytics feature of Monitor your social media campaign on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn effectively through deep analytics.

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Why Brand Equity

Social Profiles – Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Linkedin
Owned page listening
3rd party listening
Analytics driven news feed
Customer profiling
Sentiment analysis
Intent analysis
Custom Intents
Custom Hashtags
Custom Keywords
Summary Reports
Detailed Reports
Realtime communication
Audit Log
Call center integration (Avay / Asterik/ Salesforce/ Zendesk)

Keep yourself updated with upcoming Social Media Trends,
Build Social Strategy, and Monitor your social media campaigns
through Brand Equity Social Media Deep Analytics Feature

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