Manage Your Social Media Branding with Features Of Brand Equity

Be a successful social media planner with our social media scheduling tool! Manage your content and share it on different social media platforms, and track brand mentions with features of brand equity social listening tool.

Our Features OF Brand Equity Make It Feasible For You

Create and Schedule Social Media Posts and Plan Your Future Social Media Campaign

Create new social media posts and schedule them for different social platforms at the same time. Brand Equity also allows scheduling future social media campaigns through our social media publishing feature, depending on social media performance metrics.

Manage All your Social Media Channels at one go

Get an overview of all of the social media channels of your brand. And monitor all the social media posts and messages through our brand monitoring feature.

Stay On top Through Real-Time Messaging

Interact with your user and social customer across multiple social networks on a single social media platform by real-time messaging feature. You can answer queries, boost positive reactions to your social media brand and message your teammates with just one click.

Analyze Social Brand Results

Analyze your brand performance across multiple social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter from Brand Equity’s deep root analytics. This feature creates custom reports on consumer insights by applying social media metrics.

Manage Social Profile of Customers

Manage social profiles of your social customer that interacts with you through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This feature enables you to provide a quality customer care experience across multiple social media platforms.

Collection Of Social Media Data

Collect social media data of your customer to deep dive into the intents of your social customers, identify the needs of your customer and provide social customer care to your customers.