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How to Make a Post Shareable on Facebook – Complete Guide

Making Posts Shareable on Facebook

Right now, many businesses have also created Facebook pages to solidify their social media presence. They can utilize the Facebook application to promote their brand products and services by sharing content on their business accounts. With the growing number of Facebook users, these businesses can get more followers who can be their future potential clients. The privacy settings can further help these businesses reach out to a larger number of audiences by allowing their posts to be viewed by everyone.

To make your brand products and services advertisement strong, your Facebook posts content should be exciting and interesting enough to make it shareable. The content will make other people on Facebook share your posts with their connections which will automatically increase the number of your audiences. With increased competition among different brands, it is not easy to make your posts shareable and grab audience attention, but with a few tips and techniques, it can be made possible. There are a few ways to make your business posts shareable, which you can easily implement in your posts.

Use catchy headlines

Good headlines can get your post viewers’ attention and make them like your posts’ content enough to share it with their connections. When using catchy headlines, try to make them relevant to your brand products and services content to get the right attention and provide the right information to your potential clients.

Use quotes

People like posts with relevant quotes in their content; you can use quotes that can be fun and entertaining to read and match with the content of your post. Using quotes puts an impression that there has been an effort put into creating the content of this particular post, and so it requires the attention of some level.

Make short posts

Facebook audiences like scrolling through the news feed of their account; this makes them ignore posts with long paragraphs of content because they think it will be more time-consuming to read and know what is in the post. So, to make the readers interested in your business posts, you need to make them informative with shorter content. Use relevant and important information with less content to make your posts shareable on Facebook.

People share posts with famous quotes used in their content; it is because popular quotes are known by many people and do not need a further explanation to clarify their meaning. Try using famous quotes that fit with your post content to get more audience for your posts.

Make your content humorous. 

Posts having humorous content are more likely to get their attention and get them to share it with their friends on Facebook. People like funny content, sharing it to laugh with others and build connections. Thus, adding humor will be an effective way to make your Facebook post shareable.

Use statistics

Providing statistics from reliable sources brings credibility to your Facebook posts because facts and figures show that your post’s content and information are authentic. A post with facts and figures is likely to be shared more than one that doesn’t.

Add images and videos.

Adding graphics to your posts gets more attention from the Facebook audience because images and videos in a post make them exciting. People like to see content that has images with attention-grabbing content, and they find it easier to watch videos than to read content from posts. Also, adding images and videos make the posts more visually appealing and unique than other posts and gets the attention of Facebook users.

Add your thoughts and opinions.

People engage with posts with other people’s views and opinions about certain topics. They like the boldness of anyone sharing their point of view and find it more interactive. This way, your Facebook posts will be shareable and gather a large number of engagement from other users.

You can tag users that have a large number of connections and followers on Facebook and are famous. People who know them will likely share those posts and find your posts more trustworthy in their relevant content. Tagging popular users is likely to get more engagement from other Facebook users who are familiar with these people.

Using hashtags

Recently, hashtags in Facebook posts have become a popular way of searching for content related to particular topics. Using the right hashtags related to the post’s content can gather a large audience’s attention. People searching posts for a particular topic can use the hashtags and get the posts with relevant information.

Facebook Privacy Settings

Other than the methods mentioned above, you can also use Facebook privacy settings to allow other users to share your posts and make your Facebook post shareable. By default settings, when you create posts on your Facebook account and share them, Facebook allows your friends on Facebook to view and share your posts. As shown in the picture below:

You can change these privacy settings according to your preferences and have total control over who views your posts. You can change a post’s visibility to display it to others without changing your Facebook privacy settings. There are privacy options you can choose from, which are:


As the name suggests itself that the post will be available to view for everyone


Only the Facebook users you have added as your friend on Facebook can view your post and will be able to share it

Friends except:

With this option, you can choose the friends you want to exclude from viewing and sharing your post on your Facebook account.

Specific Friends:

 You can select only the chosen users from your Facebook friends who you want to be able to view your post.

Only me:

With the Only me privacy option, you will exclude everyone, and your post will not be visible to anyone except you.


This option is similar to friends except for specific friend options, but in custom, you provide particular mentions of people who can view your post and those who cannot. 

As seen from the image above, you can make lists or mention individual user accounts to view your post or hide it from them with custom privacy settings. 

Steps to follow to make a post shareable on Facebook

While creating a post

When creating a post on Facebook, you can add privacy settings for the post at that time so that you can select the right audience you want for your post. You can follow the steps below to make your post on Facebook shareable:

  • First, you will have to log in to your Facebook account and click “What’s on your mind?” on your homepage to create a post.

  • After writing your post, click on the privacy button under your profile name, which displays “Friends.”

  • While clicking this button will display a list of options for changing the posts’ audience. Here you can choose the “public” option to make your post shareable on Facebook.

After sharing a post 

You can change the setting of a previously shared post, and there is no need to delete or recreate another post with the configurations you need. When your Facebook posts become public, they become shareable.

  • After logging in to your Facebook account with your credentials, navigate to the post you shared previously and want to make shareable on Facebook. Click on the three dots.

  • Click the three dots on the post’s top right corner and select the “Edit Audience” option.

  • When you click it, a new window will open with privacy options. Here, select the “Public” option to make your post shareable by everyone on Facebook.

On a Facebook page

You can make a post shareable on a Facebook page by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your Facebook account, and on the Home page, click on “Pages” from the left menu.

  • From the list of the pages, select the page that has the post you want to make shareable.

  • Scroll down until you find the post, and then click the share option on the bottom right side of the post and share the post with “Public” as the audience.


Facebook is a wonderful choice for disseminating your ideas and thoughts because it is one of the most well-known online hubs. Learning how to make a post shareable on Facebook is unquestionably necessary if you want to connect with people outside your Facebook friend list. To reach a larger audience, you need to make your post “Public” for anyone to view and make it shareable for everyone. This will increase the number of people who can view your post, and information about your brand’s products and services will be shared with future potential customers.