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Social Media Competitive Analysis Tools 2022

What is Social Media Competitor Analysis?

A social media competitor analysis is a type of analysis created by analyzing and tracking the performance of social media competitors. Social media competitive intelligence tools are software providers or vendors who offer different features and benefits to improve your marketing strategies by comparing them with competitors. However, there are many tools to assist you in managing your social media, but few can help you figure out what works for you and your competitors, what doesn’t, and why. This competitive research gives you a better view of your brand and the techniques that will work best for you. These social media platforms conduct competitive research, radically revolutionizing how brands perceive their competitors, industry, and so on.

Benefits of Competitive Analysis Tools

Competitive Analysis social media tools are crucial for tuning up your marketing strategies, which eventually gears up the brand’s performance. These competitor analysis tools marketing are beneficial for discovering new opportunities to gain audience reach. You can find strong competitors and track their performance, and also get indications of how popular your competitors are. 

Below we have provided you with the best competitive analysis tools to compare your social media presence with your competitor’s statistics.


It is a social media management tool that comes with social listening and social media competitor analysis features for different social media channels like Facebook. Similarly, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook competitive analysis reports can be prepared using for measuring your brand’s performance and comparing it with other competitors. 

With its social listening feature, you can see the track of the conversations and mentions regarding your corporation or brand. This helps to identify the competitors in a better way. Additionally, the social media competitor analysis feature helps you go through the competitor’s strategies and enhance your social media marketing strategies to outrank those competitors. .

Main features:

  • Provides competitor analysis report preparation features 
  • Generate competitor analysis reports in a few minutes.
  • Track mentions and conversations related to your brand.
  • Competitor research on competitors’ content to derive content strategies. 
  • Schedule and maintain posts with
  • Maximize engagement through real-time responses.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another major competitive analysis tool mainly for SEO and keyword research. You can use it to examine the rankings of your competitors and how much organic traffic they are getting on their URLs. Track their best-performing content keywords and infuse them into your social media marketing strategies. You can also check for the highest performing content based on backlinks, which helps you determine what product or service is working best for your brand. Also, it helps you to assess keywords that bring maximum traffic to your competing site.

Main features:

  • Keyword searches for search engines.
  • Analyze SERP history
  • See Keyword click distributions
  • Get search traffic estimations
  • Monitor Inbound and Outbound links

3. Sprout Social

Another Social media management platform Sprout Social, that gives Facebook competitor analysis. It has social listening skills and Facebook competition analysis tools, which can help you figure out where you are concerning your competitors and their performance from multiple angles and data points. Fundamental metrics for your brand and competitors can be studied to better understand your current position compared to other competitors’ brands and improve performance.

This social media competitor analysis tool provides competitive reports that are used to assess and optimize your social strategy with rich data points tracked from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn competitor analysis. Also, sprout social enables you to track recent postings of your competitors and benchmark your growth. Overall this elevates the performance of your brand without any hectic manual research.

Main Features:

  • It offers competitive analytics for Instagram.
  • Head-to-head competitor comparison feature
  • Portrays top posts by competitors
  • Tracks sentiments of the audience
  • Provides filtering options
  • Network-specific performance reports can be availed

4. Hootsuite

The most used social media management tool is Hootsuite, another competitor analysis tool for multiple platforms, including Facebook. In addition to the many functions this tool offers, it allows you to track your competitors’ activity from a single dashboard. You can also set up custom streams on several topics of your choice and track the content posted related to it. You can also search your competitor’s posts and watch their performance.

Main Features:

  • Create and schedule posts
  • Track ranking keywords and topics
  • Integrated with other social listening tools
  • Plan campaigns
  • Manage your channels

5. Awario

Awario is yet another platform that helps with social media competitor analysis. This tool works when you set up alerts for your top competitors; therefore, this tool tracks the brand mentions in real-time across major platforms, blogs, websites and presents all those metrics in the form of shareable reports. You can also link it to your competitor’s site by adding links to its domain. 

Awario’s competition analysis tool also provides various data, including Mentions, Statistics, Alert Comparison, and Influencers. Demographics, the average engagement rate, sentiment analysis, and so on are all included in these reports. The voice of chart function in Awario allows you to track the progress of your campaigns. It accomplishes this by comparing your company’s reach and mentions to competitors utilizing a competition analysis tool.

Main Features:

  • Measure your marketing efforts
  • Turns data into insights with unique analytics
  • Access your mentions everywhere through websites and mobile apps
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Elevate your online reputation.

6. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is all one social media analysis platform that enables you to go through several different profiles to discover your competitor’s strategies. Spy your competitors, monitoring their social media interactions and social media accounts as well. This tool provides detailed insights into your brands, including engagement, growth, ranking keywords, and other such metrics, in nicely visualized charts, tables, and word clouds. It also tracks the posting strategies of your competitors by monitoring their performance metrics.

Main features:

  • Instant Reports and email updates.
  • Track numerous profiles of competitor’s.
  • Enables team collaborating features.
  • Provides competitor analysis reports for various social media platforms.
  • Search through custom dashboards with graphics reporting.


Emerging brands enter the competitive market and gain competitors when their product or service is worth it. To maintain the brand’s success, it is mandatory to keep tracking the competitive analytics. For that, you would not need several toolkits; just choose one of the above social media competitive analysis tools to accomplish your business goals. You can boost your digital marketing by empowering your marketing statistics. Incorporate insights you get from competitor research tools into your marketing strategies for business growth.